Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the practice of controlling what shows up about you when someone Google’s your name. If your personal or corporation search results are suffered from outdated information, inequitable comments, or competitor slander, we would figure out your issues and see how we can help.

Techesso will promote positive and optimistic content to get top of your search results and push unnecessary content either negative or irrelevant, farther down to make sure that when someone Googling your name or business, search engine results are occupied with positive and relevant content.

Reputation management for individual

Are you worried about viewing negative results showing up when searching your name? Have negative results from searches damaging your good name and hurting your business?

Techesso Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Indian based Online Reputation Management company that specializes in tailored strategies that permit their clients to magnify their results on the web and ensure they are represented positively. Our goals are to ensure people searching your name or company has a positive image of you and to assist you to attract the right kind of thought online.

Reputation management for business

We can increase your local search visibility, online reviews and social media managing for business. Our patented Reputation Score lets you calculate your business’s performance across competitors. Actionable imminent help you improve your online ratings rapidly and competently.

Our Online Reputation Management solutions can repair your reputation, our professional strategy creates positive results sustainable for the long-lasting rather than a short term solution.

Push Down Negative Results

Using a wide range of established techniques we dilute out or suppress hurtful listings about you or your company to ensure you create good first impressions.

Step 1:  We will create and manage your public profiles

Step 2:  Comment widely in news articles, social media and forums

Step 3:  Create links in various sites

Step 4:  Promote Positive Results

Step 5: Monitor and Manage Reputation

We use our specific tool to track your company across numerous websites. As soon as we addressed your negative criticism and this ensures that your business and your brand is protected. We assist you to get back your business productivity and profitability.