Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

With our completely in-house iOS / Android application developers team, we deliver custom and tailor-made versatile applications, where we develop your mobile application in the highest quality from the scratch according to our client's requirements.

Application Security

Security is an integral part of our application development life cycle (ALDC).  Our team ensure that our applications APi are guarded against DDos Attack and any other malware injection and we set strong encrypted API on transit so our application API is always safe for applications and its users.

Mobile Application UI Design

We have skilled designers to design your complete mobile application based on your expectation. We cover all designing part end to end starting with wireframe design to high fidelity prototyping with user experience design.

Digital Transformation

With our years of digital transformation and mobile app go-to-market experience, we are able to assist you on your digital transformation process — from UI Design, Mobile Application Development, App Submission to App Store or Play Store and also providing future upgrades and maintenance, Once you product launched we can do marketing for your product to get maximum reach of your product.

Backend & Infrastructure

We have experienced backend developers who already work with many MNC’s and other organisations mean we can deploy and maintain your application database in cloud servers like Amazon Web Service(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Firebase or any self-backend server.

24 x 7 Support

Our trained professional support team is always available 24x7 for your support. Alternatively you can access our support desk to get more help from our developers and individual project managers to solve your queries

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Unsure About The Costs of Mobile App Development?

Each and every application is different in nature. Sometimes you need static content in your iOS/Android application that does not have major functionality, in that case, your application development cost would be much lesser compared to if your iOS/Android application needs dynamic content fetches data from the server in that case multiple API needs to be created an additional layer of securities and backend works are much needed so costing will be higher. To get a customized quotation for your project.

Well Experienced developers

TECHESSO employees are highly skilled and senior-level developers who have over 6 years of experience in iOS Application Development, 7 years experience in Android Application Development, 6+ years experience in designing UI/UX and marketing sections.

Seamless communication

We are available 24 x 7. If you need to contact us you can directly contact us through skype, email id or web form. If you are already signed up with our service you already have Support Desk Dashboard and project managers contacts for each project. clients can directly contact or access dashboard projects to get immediate responses from our developers. We are always here to help you.

Timely delivery of projects

We deliver our project before the time frame. Because at TECHESSO are committed to delivering all our project on or before the time frame. That's the main reason for our success and repeated projects from the same client. 

Daily / Weekly Reporting

We will assign a dedicated Developer/ Project Manager to send you daily/Weekly Reporting

Transparency in work

Mostly we are working on Hourly based projects because of the complexity of the project. Most of the clients are opting to Hourly based moreover fixed budget. We are always transparent in our work we can share hourly trackers and never charge for anything other than your work.

Cost-effective solutions

TECHESSO offers the best and cost-effective way for our clients. We have all in-house team to do all work so you don’t need to search for another provider for your product. we have UI/UX, Application Developer, Backend Developer and Marketing Personals one Stop service. We can give you customized and reduced costs compared to any other competitors in this field.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

Gathering All Required Documents

  • We collect all necessary documents to define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) .
  • We gather the answers to the questionnaires and ensure that all customer expectations are documented in great detail.
  • We do understand the priority of the client's goal and end-users expectations as well as existing challenges
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We do technical research and analysis

  • We conduct a feasibility study to examine each option in a project before making the final
  • We do technical and feasibility analyses before we start any projects. Our team of developers and designers do research and we need to abide by the guidelines of Appstore. If the product is not abiding that will not be accepted in Appstore or play store app may face rejection due to the volitation of rules set by the stores. Before building the app we will inform you about this kind of issue with our client. We are result-oriented not money minded if the result doesn’t pay off we don’t want our clients to spend so much money on that product. So our technical analysis will help our clients know what’s best what’s not.
  • We list down the Scope of work and check and explain all the features, functional specifications, technology use is going to use for this product, and the estimated time of completion and Costing will be discussed.

Sit Together to Plan Your Project

  • We create a project plan outlining the activities, tasks, dependencies, and timeframes.
  • Get hold of technical scopes, development methodology, know the milestone breakdown, delivery time and get to know your team.
  • We would work on the application architecture.
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Designing Cleaner UI/UX

  • Our Skilled Designers sit together and brainstorm a wireframe and mock-up design.
  • Once mock-up and wireframe were completed our team sent you weblink to our client for feedback from clients.
  • If the client likes the design, it is passed on to the development phase, or else we rework with a better idea again.

Product development according to our clients need

  • We prefer agile methodology as per sprint define milestones. The daily progress information is reported through regular team meetings.
  • We thoroughly test all development components to make sure they are working properly.
  • All new changes are recorded separately together with the estimated hours as a "New change request" will be implemented in the next sprint phase.
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Quality Check at Each and Every Phase of Development

  • Our Experienced developers are capable of fixing bugs and errors during each sprint and perform User Acceptance Testing and Overall Functional Testing every phase.
  • Quality apps impress users to download and use forever. So we push beta and IPA files for testing before we deploy them in a real server.
  • After testing with different screens and all optimization we will deploy the final product in the live server or Appstore/Play store.

Supporting & Maintaining after Delivery

  • As soon as the application is fully operational and live, we provide our customers full support.
  • We are providing 45 days of free support and maintenance after delivery. 
  • In case clients need any updates in future we will do it for them at a much lesser cost.
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Scalability & Interoperability

The designs we create for the mobile application which includes scalability and interoperability reflect from the outset nonstop technological evolution to augment the value of your app at any point in the future.

Security & Compliance

The designs we create for the mobile application which includes scalability and interoperability reflect from the outset nonstop technological evolution to augment the value of your app at any point in the future.

Swiftly Delivery

The designs we create for the mobile application which includes scalability and interoperability reflect from the outset nonstop technological evolution to augment the value of your app at any point in the future.