Internet Research

Internet Research

Internet research is the process of obtaining information from the internet, particularly free in the world. Research should be, Focused and decisive and be inclined towards the instant and tends to access information without a purchase price. The purpose of web research is to recognize learning at work and to use that knowledge to develop the effectiveness of any organization.

TECHESSO provides you with a range of online research services, from web research to data extracting, data gathering, data yielding, screen scraping, data mining, web scraping services etc.

If you have a plan to create a database from web-based data, Techesso solutions offer a broad range of online web research solutions to different trades and businesses. Our team expertise in knowledge management and web research services aids to slice out personalized research solutions for our clients.

A few of them are listed below:


  • Name, email and contact Research
  • Business and Market Research
  • Competitor Research and Survey analysis
  • Property and Rental Research
  • Statistics Research
  • Other Personal Research

Our dedicated and trained professionals can present search engine-based internet research to assemble information, collect, summarize and present the end result. We will give quality output from day one. We have powerful knowledge management systems which can access and organize data on any subject of your option from a range of web documents.

Collecting data from various sources:


  • Gathering data from the web and generating a database in excel, word, CSV files.
  • Contacts search, address search, Email search through multiple websites
  • Capture precise information from competitor's website
  • Searching multiple association websites and getting details from these websites 
  • Extracting and summarizing data from e-commerce and online store websites.
  • Online synchronization

TECHESSO have well-versed staffs who work efficiently and positively for the clients. We have vast knowledge in the area of web research such as searching company heads information company details, like email research, internet research and reporting. Start your free trial today with us.