Frequently Asked Questions


It’s simple you can send us your queries through contact page or Get A Quote page. Once we received your information one of our team heads will contact you to get more information about the project will work out immediately.

Once we got all information from our clients our billing team will send you estimated budget after confirmation on budget with client. We will kickstart your project asap we will give you our support desk login so you can see your project there and can raise any concern and will get all information related to your project. Usually this process won’t take more than 48 hours.

We work hourly as well as fixed budget it is based on project. Once after we get enough information from our clients our billing team will work out the best method which work for both of us. Client can choose either type but we will clearly explain all information before we get started. 

We work for hourly as well as fixed budget. It is based on requirement of the project. If the project is small and short term. We prefer to work for fixed budget by this way project is deliveried to the client on fixed budget. We prefer hourly basis on big projects because it needs more computation time can’t predict timing and functionality sometime new features want to add in existing project on that cause we charge our clients hourly basis by this way clients only pay for the hours they used our service. We will provide time tracking and we do not overcharge our clients. Our reporting system will be clear cut for our clients to understand and proceed for the payment.

TECHESSO offers best pricing in market without compromising quality. You will get gold standard service at lowest cost in market. Our competitors can’t match our quotation even after their discounts. So you discounts are already included in while we quoting your budget 🙂

Once our clients accepts the budget for their project. 

Upfront 10% payment (Before start) on upfront amount you will get our support desk login to manager your projects.

40% payment on completion of 50 percent project status 

50% payment on end of the project completion

*Don’t worry you payment is all safe with PayPal if you are not happy with our service we will provide you refund.

Currently we accepting payments via PayPal. It is the safest and fastest method to receive payments. For our returning customers and longterm customers we will accept direct bank transfer. 

Initial signups to our service will be accepted only via PayPal.

We are very much sure you will be satisfied with our service because our developer and team heads always keep in touch with you about the project detail they will update you everything and get your input and we will share our work with you so if anything not working we can fix it in middle of the project build. 

If we delay or any issues we will keep you posted. Incase we didn’t complete your project as per your expectation we will give you refund via PayPal.

So your payment is 100% Safe & Secure.